Below are the boxers current living with us at TADD Boxers:

“Decca” – TADD’s Random Elegance of Lando (Lando’s Decca Page) – Missouri born and imported to Wisconsin.

“Gunner” – TADD’s Gunner of Bodon The Heavy Metal Boxer – Designed & created by Bob Gunderson

“JuJuB” – TADD and Lando’s JNJ Jubilee

“Noel”-CH TADD and Carma’s Myte Gift

“Ritzee” – Ch TADD’s Puttin’ on the Ritz – Opps….blame this litter on Tom (and Cracker and Decca).

“Summer” – TADD & Brady’s California Dreaming

“Titan” – Ch CarMa’s Dream Harder of TADD – Thanks so very, very, very much to Tina Halverson!