Below are the TADD Boxers waiting for us at rainbow road:

“Angel” – Ch Treceder’s Red Satin Angel

“Anne” – Ch TADD’s Honky Tonk Cowgirl (Lived her life in Florida)

“Callahan” – Ch TADD’s Armed and Dangerous – Born in Wisconsin (with a little help from Texas)

“Cha Cha” – Ch TADD’s Cowgirl Blues

“Charlie” – Ch Bropat’s Good Time Charlie

“Cody-Bob” – Ch SchmidTADD’s Rhinestone Cowboy (Present in our minds and living forever in our hearts)

“Cracker” – TADD’s Lando Firecracker

“Deano” – Ch TADD’s Bluecollar King of Cool

“Diva” – Encore’s Onward ‘n Upward at TADD – Born in California to live in Wisconsin Snow (Temporarily in Missouri)

“Dylan” – Ch TADD’s Bluecollar Cajun Cowboy (Lived his life in Texas)

“Elvis” – Ch TADD’s Moody Blue

“Faline” – TADD’s Kiss Our Tears Away CD, RN, NA, NAJ, CGC (Lived her life in Green Bay WI)

“Geo” – Ch. TADD’s Poco Geo

“Jesse” – TADD’s Forever in Rhinestones – Born in Wisconsin with key input from Canada!

“Kara” – TADD’s Starlight Delight

“Hawk” – TADD’s Unsung Hero

“Jezzie” – Ch. TADD’s Jezebel

“Kissy-K” – TADD’s Kiss Me Once

“Lasso” – Ch TADD’s All American Cowboy (Lived his life in Pennsylvania)

“LeXi” – TADD’s Grecian Chasin Rainbows

“Libby” – Ch TADD’s Bluecollar Liberty Bell

“Lilly” – Ch. TADD’s Diamond Lil

“Lola” – Texan n’TADD’s Copacabana – Texas born and imported to WI.

“Luv” – Jopa’s Plenty Good Loving

“Ranger” – Ch TADD’s All American Hero

“Runner” – TADD’s Running Bear

“Stormy” – Ch Lando TADD’s Kiss Me Once Again CGC (Lived her life in Neosha MO Kamagra online)

“Suede” – TADD’s Sho-Ko-Ko-Suede

“Tequila” – Ch TADD’s Bluecollar Texan Tequila – Born in Texas and flown home with Tom the day before Katrina struck!

“Tula” – TADD’s Kiss Me Twice

“XL” – TADD’s Storm Chaser XL